Photos by Alessandro Perini

A disposable journey12

Alessandro is an Italian photographer who begins his photographic journey in Australia.
He attended Bachelor of Art in Sydney, major in photography.

A disposable journey are photographs taken during a trip to the Philippines in 2012.
At the beginning the photo were all taken with an Olympus OM1 but after being robbed in North of Manila, , the actual plan changed.

After that few photos of the final editing were photographed with a new disposable camera!
I moved through the Philippines, trying to capture my view of the Philippines people in their surrounding. Many faces in different places.

A disposable journey11

A disposable journey10

A disposable journey09

A disposable journey08

A disposable journey07

A disposable journey01

A disposable journey02

A disposable journey03

A disposable journey04

A disposable journey05

A disposable journey06

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