Russell Bates

Photos by: Russell Bates

Edited by: Roberta De Monte

Russell Bates

Each of us has capabilities that can lead him along a well-defined and planned path, but, in most cases, the discovery of a talent takes place in a completely random way, almost by accident. This is one of those cases. Russell Bates, a photographer and drummer at the same time, approached photography “because I wanted a job which sounded cool when girls asked what I did”.

Russell Bates-1


However, his talent as a photographer emerged immediately. Russell realized that it could become a full-time job and then was hired by a press agency. Soon afterwards, however, he realized that spending his days outside a court waiting to chase criminals was not for him.

Russell Bates-2

Fortunately, around that time, Russell also started playing drums in a band, the Crookes. From that moment on, photography turned into a tool to narrate the life of the band, the tours, festivals, travels, constantly changing environments and subjects, whose pictures could be continuously taken.

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In the last few years, photographing the band, following its successes and concerts, has been a full-time job for Russell, allowing him to improve his skills as a photographer. You can follow Russell’s work on his website,, and on

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