[quote_box name=””]Cold Turkey: The unpleasant state that drug addicts experience when they suddenly stop taking a drug; a way of treating drug addicts that makes them experience this state. // I quit smoking cold turkey.

Source: Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

[dropcap type=”1″]A[/dropcap]ddiction reveals with the worst way its mask and brings you face to face with your innermost self. It provokes you to stand in front of the cli and face the consequences. The unexpected depth scares you. The fall is inevitable. The pain is relentless. It is an arduous street, however, it is the shortest one in order to achieve quickly the detoxi cation. The choice lies in your hands. The ght you have to give is purely personal. It is the loss in the loneliness of the system, in the labyrinth of the loneliness. Separation is the only way towards your real freedom, towards the relief of your psyche. If you don’t fall, you cannot re-stand on your feet. If you don’t deny the habit, you cannot overcome it. If you don’t leave, you cannot escape. This path is dangerous. The sense of lack and absence are leading elements. Withdrawal from reality is totally present. Sadness, nostalgia and the sense of something paradox happening, follow. The temptation of return, comes back in your mind in a repetitive, annoying mode. It can drive you crazy. The memory of the substance that used to be part of your everyday life causes tremendous tremblings in your body. Only if you are courageous one, you can endure and overcome these symptoms, without succumbing in the mysterious and unpredictable abyss of the senses and dependence. Only if you are le alone and experience the void, you can regain the control of your life. Only if you overcome your own limits and get lost in obscurity, you can emerge again in the light and breath; free.

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Stefania Orfanidou was born in 1989. She lives and works in Athens, Greece, as an architect and a photographer. She graduated from Stereosis School of Photography in Thessaloniki. She has been published by various magazines and webzines, such as Kaltblut, Phroom, F-Stop, The Latent Image, 001-Zerozerouno. Currently she is being featured in the Athens Photo Festival 2017.


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