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What is harmony? The definition of a term is always difficult, but in this case just the simple explanation of a dictionary could be enough: a symphony of elements playing in unison.

design, chair, Clara Schweers, saites, space

Nothing else could explain the project of the young German designers Clara Schweers ‘Saitens’, a minimal two seat-chair based on a sketch by Leonardo Da Vinci.

design, chair, Clara Schweers, saitesThe starting point is a study of the great master of sun rays and how they reflect on a parabolic mirror, the translation is an organic object, extremely sinuous and serpentine.

design, chair, Clara Schweers, saitesThe combination of chairs is composed of a tubular element that designs its shape and by a series of wires (high-strength fishing wire) which, inserted in the structure, create a shape on sunburst.

Fundamental to the realization of the project was the conceptual study that underlies the development of the object. Saitens aims to investigate on human communication, creating an intimate atmosphere in a confined space. Two identical sessions that look at each other, seem to accompany you in a private and silent conservation, made of glances and whispered words.

design, chair, Clara Schweers, saites

design, chair, Clara Schweers, saites

Design by Clara Schweers

The seat was developed by schweers for university.

All photos by Clara Schweers

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