Design by nature

Edited by: Roberta De Monte

Design by: Bae Sehwa

Proofreading: Bianca Baroni

The best of Korean design is currently on show at the Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art Gallery in New York City, displaying works by Sehwa Bae, Kang Myungsun, Bahk Jong-sun and Lee Chung Hun.

Bae Sehwa

Nature is the starting point for all of the objects in the exhibition, but the most important piece is the line of furniture designed by Bae Sehwa, a series of chairs made ​​entirely of walnut. Starting from the form of a prismatic diagram, the model has been then modified and turned into a continuum of elegant curves that evokes the image of a gentle landscape.


The furniture designed by Bae Sehwa is composed by strongly sculptural objects, which invite us to lie down and meditate, elements that seem to have nothing artificial. The choice of wood, in fact, is not casual, a primary and natural material that is curved and distorted through the use of steam.


In the work of the designer it hides a precise intention to strike a balance between harmony and function, the process of removing all surface and complex elements is a journey to get to the ying and yang, a point of connection between man and nature. Bae Sehwa creates objects reminiscent of the delicate Art Nouveau vision and that can get closer to nature as to be classified as pure sculpture.





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