Adidas Football x David Beckham Capsule Collection

This is the collaboration between David Beckham and Adidas to create a capsule collection

David Beckham has been an icon for  many years. He is not only a great football player but also he represents an ideal of beauty. In his career Beckham was represented by the sportswear brand Adidas for over 20 years, and for this anniversary they decide to work together to create a footwear capsule. The shoe model in question is the Adidas Predator, shoes that he used in the different great clubs where he played, like Manchester United, Real Madrid, A.C. Milan and Paris Saint-Germain.

The project includes three types of Adidas Predator that take their name from the t-shirt number that he had in the different clubs: “23” worn during his time spent at Real Madrid and LA Galaxy, this shoe is also called “Triple White” stadium boot; “32” worn during his time spent at PSG and A.C. Milan, this shoe is also called “Triple Black” and it is a street shoe; and the famous “7” worn during is Manchester United and England National team’ s career, this shoe are also called “Triple Red” and it is a futsal shoe.

Photo Courtesy Adidas Website


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