This particular set of photographs was inspired by an afternoon excursion to Leimert Park. As classic cars lined the streets and the aroma of smoked meat filled the air, I realized that there is a prominent and profound aesthetic present in the inner city during the summer. Not one sense is spared as you are bombarded with an overload of stimuli: from the gloss of a candy paint coat, to something as reassuring as a child’s smile as the various model cars hydraulic systems propel them to the sky, one’s mind enters euphoric heights of nostalgia- and most importantly, an entertaining of the prospective memories to come.

TREYVON X is at the cutting-edge of urban innovation. Utilizing mediums ranging from contemporary digital design to conceptual photography, the young South Central visionary presents progressive visual works that effortlessly juxtapose the grit of inner-city life with the sheer avant-garde abstraction of fine art.

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