APhF:13, Athens Photo Festival – “Fluid Identities”

From the series: Sailboats and swansphoto: Michal Chelbin

Athens Photo Festival (former International Month of Photography in Athens), is the annual festival of photography in Greece and a premier cultural event in Athens, established in 1987 by the Hellenic Centre for Photography. It is the first and longest-running international festival of photography and related media in Greece, and one of the five oldest of its kind in the world.

From the series: Shadows in Greecephoto: Enri Canaj

This year’s theme, intends to explore the concept of “Fluid Identities” in the context of the constantly changing state of today’s world, both physical and metaphorical, and on all its reflections, on environments, people, societies and cultures, investigating their changing boundaries.

From the series: A Natural Orderphoto: Lucas Foglia

Athens Photo Festival 2013 will take place in a significant number of venues across the city of Athens during the months of October and November and includes a variety of solo and group international and national exhibitions as well as screenings, special events, educational programs and other parallel events.

From the series: Notes for an epilogue (2011 - ongoing)photo: Tamas Dezso  

The main program of exhibitions and events takes place, for third consecutive year, creating a platform for a wider audience. Under the general title “Fluid identities”, a series of international and national exhibitions from established and emerging international, in all areas of contemporary photography practice and forms, ranging from art and documentary photography to photographic installations, film and video. As for events, the festival features an expanded series of projects and initiatives, including the international forum Photo Voices, portfolio reviews, photography marathon, screenings, performances, guided tours and other parallel events.

From the series: Wilder Mannphoto: Charles Fréger

The Main Programme of Athens Photo Festival 2013 opened on Friday 1 November and takes place at“Technopolis” of City of Athens (100 Pireos str, Gazi), and at the Municipal Gallery of the City of Athens (Leonidou & Myllerou, Metaksourgio).

Main Programme exhibitions:

From the series: Black Gold Hotelphoto: Michele Palazzi


Exhibition spaces and galleries across the city present selected exhibitions of artists’ works, not necessarily related to the theme of the Festival, during the months of October and November.

Satellite Programme exhibitions:

For further details: www.en.photofestival.gr

From the series: Echoesphoto: Hebe Robinson

From the series: Intended Consequences; Rwandan Children Born ofphoto: Jonathan Torgovnik

From the series: City Edgesphoto: Yiannis Tsiadis

From the series: One Day in Historyphoto :Andrea Gjestvang

From the series: Karczebyphoto: Adam Panczuk

From the series: Shadows in Greece photo: Enri Canaj

From the series: Close to youphoto: Jacob Aue Sobol

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