“The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born, in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.“ Gramsci

These pictures are the product of Babis Kougemitros’ last two-year wandering in several places and areas of Attica(Greece), the zone between the city edges and the countryside. They depict vague, ambiguous and constantly changing landscapes that people’s misconceptions often reject them as being ugly or aesthetically unworthy. This is also, a photographic endeavour of remapping the familiar landscapes of childhood ...

Panos Kefalos started his project “saints” in the fall of 2012, when his involvement in a unrelated work brought him to Victoria Square, the first of the neighbourhoods of Athens that he documented for ''saints''.

Can you define time? Is spending time with the people I love close to nature, away from the fast pace and worries of modern life, emptying my mind of everything, is it, unproductive time, wasted in useless experiences? Wasted time is for me valuable time, time I spend with friends in a hidden corner of Crete, the moments I treasure and cherish. In a caravan we talk, laugh, ponder the […]

The Minors Reformation Institute of Volos is the only of its kind in Greece. It’s a combination of school and prison for young transgressors who they spend some time in there, after their conviction for misdemeanors or felonies. They have to stay in this building until the age of 18. After that, are considered as […]

For many of the refugee and migrant children who are stranded in Idomeni, being in Greece seems like a game. Some of them are too young to completely realize what exactly is happening, while others try to focus on the fact that they are safe and far away from war even if the situations are […]

In August 1959 Cyprus was declared an independent republic and five years later, Nicosia, capital of Cyprus and the largest city on the island, was devided when Turkish Cypriots, after a brief intercummunal conflict, barricaded themselves into their neighbourhoods. This devision line was called the Green line, named after the colour of the pen a […]

Over Seas A photo-documentary about the helpers of Lesbos. Refugees undertake a life-risking journey to the Greek island Lesbos, on which they seek to find some rest before continuing their journey to Europe. It is impossible to ignore the refugee catastrophe in the media. Europe is falling apart while negotiating a strategy to deal with […]

Greece is the first gateway to Europe mainland for refugees and migrants, crossing the East borders of Greece (from northeast Evros River to southeast Aegean Sea) including Greece’s capital, Athens. In September 2011, Greece started constructing a 12,5 Km ‘anti-immigration’ fence across Evros River which is the natural Greek-Turkish border. From December 2012, the safest […]

John Stratoudakis follows Alexandros, Tasos, Elias and Thodoris almost from the beggining of the severe financial crisis, captured their daily life and strunggle. They are young farmers and breeders from the village of Drakia on mount Pelion. Young men with dreams, hopes and wishes like all on their age. They want to travel, to fall […]