The Minors Reformation Institute of Volos is the only of its kind in Greece. It’s a combination of school and prison for young transgressors who they spend some time in there, after their conviction for misdemeanors or felonies.

They have to stay in this building until the age of 18. After that, are considered as adults therefore must been moved in another institute.

Many of these minors have developed a style full of confidence and aggression. Nevertheless, beneath this harsh appearance, a mix of negative feelings like insecurity, isolation, confusion and despair about the world out there, is well hidden but always ready to explode. However, the nature of youth cannot been captured and always deals with the concept of freedom. Communication through the phone is a kind of procedure to express such thoughts. Each call is a step towards the exit, an imaginative escape, till the final moment of their true release.

About the author:
Natassa Karakatsani is a photographer who lives and works in Greece. She has studied economics in Law School of Athens University and photography in Michigan State University/Dept.of Art, Art History & Design. She is a founding member of OramaPhotos group and a member of the Greek Semiotic Society, a collaborator of Laboratory of Speech and Culture of University of Thessaly and an editor in “fmag” photography magazine.

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