Ramadan under blockade – A report from Gaza

Ramadan under blockade

photos and text by Tilde De Wandel

Tilde De Wandel is a Belgian photographer. She lived in Gaza for nine months in 2010-2011 and is visiting the Gaza Strip again this summer during Ramadan. No food or drink, for around 15 hours during the hottest part of summer, many are saying its the toughest Ramadan for years. Daily power cuts in Gaza are making fasting only harder.

Since 2007, the 1.6 million Palestinians in Gaza, are living under a blockade imposed by the Israeli government, in violation of international law.

The land, sea and air embargo has de-developed Gaza’s economy, restricted freedom of movement and severely curtailed access to essential materials such as fuel, food, clean drinking water, building materials, drugs, medical equipment and household items. The blockade mainly hits the most vulnerable people, such as children, who make up the majority of the population, the elderly, sick patients and refugees, rather than its supposed targets – the armed resistance groups.



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