This series is about the everyday life of young people in the province, about a way of everyday life where life drugs and alcohol are present, about the days that go unnoticed and they aren’t really any different, whether it is a weekday or a regular working day. I’ve started taking pictures quite a long […]

For about two years Bolivia allows children as young as 10 to work legally which has led to sharp criticism from many international human rights groups – what has changed for the children since? While most of the world is trying to diminish child labour, Bolivia has become the first nation to legalize it from […]

The Minors Reformation Institute of Volos is the only of its kind in Greece. It’s a combination of school and prison for young transgressors who they spend some time in there, after their conviction for misdemeanors or felonies. They have to stay in this building until the age of 18. After that, are considered as […]

For many of the refugee and migrant children who are stranded in Idomeni, being in Greece seems like a game. Some of them are too young to completely realize what exactly is happening, while others try to focus on the fact that they are safe and far away from war even if the situations are […]

This work is about adolescence. The protagonists are young people living a part of their lives in the “elsewhere” of a therapeutic rehabilitation center. The keyword is suspension. This is not only a mood but also an atmosphere and a reality experienced by adolescents in a particular period of their existence, that I tried to […]

  A real scourge in West Africa, particularly in Senegal, the scandal of the so-called talibé children is today an internationally recognized problem. A consequence of the Senegalese authorities’laxity, the country currently has hundreds of thousands of children living in unsanitary conditions and forced to beg for many hours a day, all under the veil […]