This work is about adolescence. The protagonists are young people living a part of their lives in the “elsewhere” of a therapeutic rehabilitation center.

Photo: Santolo Felaco

The keyword is suspension. This is not only a mood but also an atmosphere and a reality experienced by adolescents in a particular period of their existence, that I tried to capture with images. The adolescence is a period of life “suspended” between childhood and maturity, between the desire of expression and duties imposed by rules. The contrast between body language and environment symbolizes the split between the reality and mood projection, so the “elsewhere” of center becomes a space in which the young suspended lives are searching for their identity and their equilibrium. I used a simple photographic language avoiding sensationalism. Looks, gestures, little details of these teenagers hide something that basically belongs to us.

Photo: Santolo Felaco
Photo: Santolo Felaco

About the author:
Santolo Felaco was born in Naples and lives and works in Rome as software developer. He’s a documentary photographer and for him the photography is a means by which to understand the world.

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