Malplena Tempo

Photos by Konstantinos Gdontakis

Can you define time?
Is spending time with the people I love close to nature, away from the fast pace and worries of modern life, emptying my mind of everything, is it, unproductive time, wasted in useless experiences? Wasted time is for me valuable time, time I spend with friends in a hidden corner of Crete, the moments I treasure and cherish. In a caravan we talk, laugh, ponder the meaning of life under the bright night skyin the tranquillity of darkness which we have befriended. And it’s there, only there, that the time stops, present and past unite to shape the future that is still to come. Time loses its significance, even ceases to matter for me. I can only feel a gap; the gap that fuels my existence and shapes my decisions about life that swipes away in a blink of an eye. I am straggling to capture this feeling that cannot be seized nor apprehended, the thought that does not really exist; a thought that can only be captured in a language with no country, Esperanto; my thought, my wasted time, Malplena Tempo.

About the author:
Konstantinos Gdontakis is a photographer based in Chania Crete, Greece.

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