Photos by Mattia Matrone

Mattia Matrone is a 22 years old artist who works with photography.He usually travels around the Europe looking for situations, people and objects that hide some interesting stories he re-write by the CMOS camera sensor.He attended group exhibitions in Italy and England and in May 2011 he did his first solo exhibition in Bologna, his hometown.

At the Luna Park of Barcelona several roundabout keep going under an incoming storm.
This series of pictures shows how synthetic colors and lights can still offer emotions and artificial adrenaline to people, despite dangerous and extreme natural conditions.

Probably cause our spasmodic search for fun is stronger than our fear and our respect for Nature.
High saturation and strong contrast in shadows have been given to all pictures in order to represent human superficiality and arrogance.

The planet should collapse, but probably huge part of Human being would be in a q to buy a ticket for another ride on a roller coaster.” The show must go on”.

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