edited by: Tobia Piatto (tobia.piatto@positive-magazine.com)

Photos by Yougo Jeberg

Interview by Alie Cuomo

 Yougo Jeberg’s muses: It’s not hard to become obsessed with Yougo Jeberg’s sundrenched and lustful photography that created a buzz on the internet through the raw reality of his work, shot across the USA and Europe. Now living in Paris, he gives us his current obsessions and goes on about his living collection of muses.   We could say that the people you shoot are your muses, can we go further than that and say they are obsessions ? Yes, mostly because it is thanks to them that I can do that I love. I’m obsessed with the concept of making a good picture but a muse doesn’t exist without the guy behind the camera who presses the button. Some of my models with whom I have more affinity undeniably become my muses. I won’t tell who my muses are because someone might steal them from me, they are so wonderful. I made it a habit not to publish certain photos, but who knows, maybe for a future exhibition. Do you have a special artistic relationship with them? To create the atmosphere I want, proximity is inevitable.The boys and girls I shoot are people I’ve known for either a long or a short time, but if I photograph them they will continue to follow my work and this creates an artistic link and artistic that you can feel on the images. Is Cory Kennedy one of your muses? Cory is a girl who shares the same interests and the same love for photography as me. That’s why we’re friends, like me she doesn’t take things seriously and does what she wants. And she actually takes some pretty decent photos that you can see on her blog. 

 What are your inspired by? Local products, good wine, breaking the rules and constraints of life. But most of all travelling, doing big or small trips and developing ideas around those travels.  Many photographers count great masters of painting and sculptures among their references. Some of your photos remind of paintings because of their “mise en scène”. Are you inspired by other arts? Nijinski for the movements and postures, metaphors and poems  of Rimbaud and Apollinaire. They inspire me because they share the same obsession and thirst for creativity, and they have the wisdom to focus on a single subject without being distracted by trivialities. And death for other reasons. What can we expect from you in 2012? More travels, collaborations with brands and magazines, and actuall I just confirmed my first exhibition in Paris for next month. It is part of a collaboration with the german webzine YOUNGWILDFREE (http://youngwildfreezine.tumblr.com/), and it is also a launch party in Paris for the release of my short movie “Crusin’ is the answer”. Exciting stuff!  Describe your work in three words? FVCK YOUGO JEBERG

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