infltr – the photography app for iPhone X

Now that iPhone X is out, infltr is the app to download to spice up photos and selfies.
[dropcap]F[/dropcap]rom the 3rd of November, Apple has been shipping worldwide their new smartphone, iPhone X, that goes beyond the boundaries of everyday technology. From its FaceID to the new animojs, emojis that are animated with our facial expressions, the new iPhone X is a super smartphone, with a full width screen, retina glass, wonderful colours, water resistant and a True Depth front camera.

Selfies with this new phone will be spectacular! The camera can sample more than 30 000 invisible dots and create a precise depth maps of your selfies. For this reason infltr has become the first app to use TrueDepth at its best for your photos. Besides the usual color information, so the red, blue, green and alpha, that make the classic photo, infltr analyses more than one layer, creating a 3D map of your photo. It allows to capture selfies that have a different style or filter for the background and foreground. It is super cool and work seamlessly in real time within infltr. It makes so much sense to do this with the TrueDepth camera and it really extend to infinity the couple Portrait Lighting filters that Apple is providing. The camera inside infltr got updated as well and can capture stills and Live Photos with Depth. Depth capture is available on device with TrueDepth or Dual-Camera (iPhone 7+, iPhone 8+, iPhone X) running iOS 11.

Earlier this year, when iOS 11.0 was released, infltr was the first app to allow editing of photos and Live Photos containing Depth information captured with the Dual-Camera of the iPhone 7 Plus. To extend this feature, a new tool that let you select where the boundary between the background and foreground lies in your Depth photos. It works really well in real-time with a double slider or just by tapping the area that you would like to highlight. This tool has also been added to the new Depth camera mode of infltr to perfect your selfies.

[quote_box name=””]infltr, short for “infinite filters” lets users discover millions of filters using touch and swipe. Filters change and are applied in real-time depending on user interaction. This way, a video can be played and edited at the same time. Why hasn’t anyone else done this this way on mobile yet? We believe that the lack of innovation is because real-time filtering is computationally intensive and crucially, no-one seems to have figured out the necessary user interface. You can create and save your own custom filters and re-apply them later-on. We extended this capability to Depth Filters.[/quote_box]


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