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photographs by Veronica nardulli



Veronica Nardulli was born in Taranto in 1983. She studied painting at the ‘Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and photography at the center for photography Labò school of Bologna. Since 2008 he has participated in various exhibitions and competitions, including “The World of the End” in Turin, “Micro Heart” in Milan, a solo Dijone in France and an exhibition in Florence in the gallery The Bison. In 2011 Veronica was honored as the winner of the competition section LEARN TO SEE Canon and the same year he received prestigious recognitions.

The focus of his research from her latest photographic work is the portrait, of which she confides: “this work comes from the desire to develop a search of my closest ties.” A self-designed in a dimension far from didactic but minimal and intimate, where the recognition of his face is elusive. It is enough to dwell briefly on these beautiful shots, to recognize in each expressive force uncommon. Photographs with the scent of humanity, warmth, love a game of reflexes to reveal a microcosm of the very human emotions. Veronica’s work is so quiet and desolate, when we are speaking about it you want to whisper and even in your thoughts you’re silent. There’s not a lot of work That brings this kind of peace with it. A mixture of haunting interiors, self portraits and double exposures, containing the everyday object amidst Which she finds herself, Nardulli’s photographic work is as intriguing as it is beautiful, combining subtlety of light and tone with a very raw and stripped back aesthetic.







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