Boizboizboiz is an ongoing project started in 2012 which shows men rather close to me in their every day life. It’s a very intimate series which deals with my own and very personal feeling of injustice concerning the gender differences and my penis envy (a stage i haven’t yet overtaken). It is based on my observations on the masculinity as opposed to the femininity. It is absolutely not a feminist manifesto nor me stating that I wish I were a man. It is rather a way to express my frustration regarding the common casual men’s very way of being. All those images show how easy it seems to be a man while since forever and especially today the image of woman has been over-sexualized as if, to be interesting the woman has to offset her lack of penis by showing all the female attributes that she has. While women have to overdo things to establish themselves, men just have to stand there. And that’s what I photograph, men just standing there.

Mélissa Juan is a 26 years old self-taught photographer
living in Paris. She’s been taking pictures for about 8 years now, almost exclusively in analogue. Her works mainly deals with intimacy and her own relationship towards reality. She uses photography as a therapeutic mediation between her and the everyday life in order to be able to see what’s beautiful more easily.









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The unicorn in a pink sky…of Costanza Gianquinto

The unicorn in a pink sky…of Costanza Gianquinto

Edited by Odeta Catana, Photo Editor Costanza Gianquinto  Could you say a few

Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds

Photos by Bora Ayonur The middle of two worlds is both the escape route for

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