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Fashion&Design connected with a philosophy. This is Wannabesociety, a Slovenian brand that use the words as a main subject to communicate.

You send them your word and they printed for you on a t-shirt. You can also choose a word made by the other guest of the website, just find out what you really wanna wear and tell to the others.

WNBS builds the message based on just one word. We dismiss the form and stress the contents. The words are black on white or white on black. In Helvetica Regular, all caps. With no visible design elements. The form is in the service of the chosen word. To enable the content of the word to establish the strongest possible interaction with an individual and their environment, the only form is the word itself. The chosen word stripped of any form assumes full power over the individual’s associations thus building individual messages. Various individuals in different environments communicate different messages using the same word.

10 principles for word approval:

1. The word must offer the opportunity to become what it says. In reality or just metaphorically.

2. The associative field should be broad.

3. Positive, optimistic words are wished for. But the meaning can also be negative. The final message always depends on the individual.

4. Words that mark racial, national or any religious communities will not be accepted.

5. Words that might insult any group of people will not be accepted.

6. Only those numbers that can be written in one word will be accepted.

7. Compound words will only be accepted as exceptions. We rather avoid them as they narrow the associative field.

8. Only English words will be accepted for the time being.

9. Local slang words can be accepted if they are popular enough and the submitting member provides an adequate explanation of the word.

10. The length of the word is insignificant. Short ones are preferred as they communicate quicker.

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Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano @ Soho Photo Gallery

Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano @ Soho Photo Gallery


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