Fashion Editorial: "Wrong"

Photography by LUCIA GIACANI
Hair & make up by MICHELE QURESHI
Photo 01

– Soft leather salopette, ERMANNO SCERVINO.
– Shirt with black spray print & belt with studs, HTC.
-Trousers jeans weared as cardigan, DOND UP Woman.

Photo 02

-Leather jacket weared on back, & short jeans , GF FERRé.
-Shirt with baby print, CUMFORBREAKFAST.

Photo 03

– Lurex jacket , GAZZARRINI Man.
-Grey dress with strass & studs, HTC.
-Steel & metallic bracelets, NANNI.

Photo 04  a

-White shirt with strass skull print & jeans weared as dress DOND UP Man.

Photo 05

-Jeans jacket with zip, V LEVEL ( by VIOLANTI).
– Band underwear ,EMPORIO ARMANI.
-Cut shirt with black chain , ANGELOS FRENTZOS.
– Soft leather skirt with inside ottoman knitting & raffia black boots, ERMANNO SCERVINO.
-Steel bracelet, NANNI.

photo 06

-Black jilet with paillettes, TWIN SET SIMONA BARBIERI.
-Elastam Shirt , EUROPEAN CULTURE Man.
-Chain necklace, NO.NU.
Leather bracelet with chains, A B A BRAND APART.

photo 08

-Short jeans weared as top, GF FERRé.
-Leather trousers, DMAJUSCULE.
-Metallic belt, NANNI.

photo 09

-jeans jacket, DOND UP Man.
-Body & raffia boots, ERMANNO SCERVINO.
– Leather braces with studs, A B A BRAND APART.

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