Barena – Venice S/S 2017

[dropcap type=”1″]T[/dropcap]oday we want to speak about a cool brand based in Venice: Barena. The name Barena has a Celtic origin and indicates the territory of the lagoon between land and water. We like a lot this brand for different reasons, but one is because it’s from Venice, our city, probably known for other aspects, but here there are so many creative people which is time to highlight.

Barena explains that originally Venice was comprised solely of the lagoon, marshland and some small islands, and the activity of the people living in this territory alternated naturally between agriculture, hunting and fishing. Barena’s clothes as we said, are made in Venice and you can see looking at the photo gallery this important connection with the city: a deep love for this unique place and the curiosity and desire to penetrate a centuries-old tradition and research the manners and fashions of great charm, together with a know-how handed down over generations.

The creators of Barena explain that they honours the poetics of the imperfection and requisite slowness in reaching places dear to the heart of every individual. The different collections designed by Barena are deepling respecting the tradition on one side and on the other the and interpretation of high-quality, natural fabrics from wool to linen. A special attention is paid to the details and finishings, delivering to their customers a unique product.


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