Become a stylist with this new music video

Have you ever wanted to create your favourite outfits and write an adventure? Well now you can with this new innovative fashion experience by Ideas for Music.
[dropcap]P[/dropcap]aris is the capital of fashion and the French songwriter Broken Back has decided to give the city a little musical twist. With Ideas For Music, the musician has created a new music video where you can change the style of the people in the video, becoming a real stylist.

Ideas For Music is a creative video studio, award-winning, that creates and produces innovative music experiences together with artists and brands, creating new and seamless ways for qualitative brand content and massive PR. The first music video in which you are the stylist  is conceived and directed in collaboration with From Paris – a creative communication agency, Vente Privée – a fashion online store where you can find many designer pieces to buy and rock, Woow Your Life – a video production, and Immersive Garden – a digital production studio.

With each click you have the power to switch the characters’ styles and see where these different looks take you. This colorful and warm-hearted experience goes together Broken Back’s track, The Sooner The Better, quite well and pushes it’s message forward: Seize the day! The story starts with an old woman but the adventure quickly takes a turn for the unexpected. You can have fun with the different looks but each look, keep in mind, will impact the protagonists’ story.

There are five chapters, and each chapter is a story, you can choose which one you want to start with and change the style of the protagonist. The chapters are “The Call to Adventure“, “How They Met“, “The Club Takeover“, “On The Run” and “One Last Idea“. Each chapter has its own style and outfits that you can choose, changing the destiny of the people involved.

So why don’t you take a break from work or studying and enjoy creating outfits and fun adventures in an innovative fashion experience.

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