Photos by Giacomo Fortunato

Born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, Giacomo earned his BFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design. After graduating, Giacomo moved to Venice, Italy, to work at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the Venice Biennial as a representative of the United States. After Venice he moved to New York City to start his commercial career in photography.

Giacomo’s work has been exhibited and published internationally. His “ADULTS” series RISD thesis landed him a traveling exhibition across Europe with photographer David LaChapelle, to more recent work from his “Coexistence” series, which made the front page of CNN Digital and received 3rd place in the 2014 International Photography Awards (people-lifestyle category)

“Coexistence” explores the interactions between people and their surroundings. I show not only how people inform their surroundings but also how the surroundings define them. The places themselves are not the focus of the work, but rather are settings for my analysis on how people interact and the underlying tension between themselves and these places. Through photography I have been able to distance myself from my surroundings to better understand the complexities of people’s interactions and their juxtapositions within these environments.

Giacomo_Fortunato_Coexistence_02 Giacomo_Fortunato_Coexistence_03 Giacomo_Fortunato_Coexistence_04 Giacomo_Fortunato_Coexistence_05 Giacomo_Fortunato_Coexistence_06 Giacomo_Fortunato_Coexistence_07 Giacomo_Fortunato_Coexistence_08 Giacomo_Fortunato_Coexistence_09 Giacomo_Fortunato_Coexistence_10 Giacomo_Fortunato_Coexistence_11 Giacomo_Fortunato_Coexistence_12 Giacomo_Fortunato_Coexistence_13 Giacomo_Fortunato_Coexistence_14 Giacomo_Fortunato_Coexistence_15 Giacomo_Fortunato_Coexistence_16 Giacomo_Fortunato_Coexistence_17

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Anche quest’anno la città di Bologna in occasione dell’Art Week, si sta

Genova: L’Alluvione.

Genova: L’Alluvione.

Foto di Mirko Isaia Nato nel 1988 nella provincia di Savona

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