Dressage, a little bit cruel, a little bit funny.

Edited by: Eugenia Gotti – eugenia.gotti@positive-magazine.com

Translation: Bianca Baroni

Where: SanPaolo-Trieste

Artwork:  Maison Dressage


Dressage is the name of the artistic project curated by Rossella Mancini, illustrator and sculptor, and Matteo Dazzo, designer and photographer, both Italian.

Rossella and Matteo’s artistic  education and styles diverge sharply: she leans towards a baroque aesthetics, he embraces rational minimalism. 

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“The idea of Dressage is born from reflection and thought around the duality between constriction and decoration, between rigidity and lightness.”

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What’s your creative philosophy?Is it more cruel or more funny?

M:  Playing on the double nature of the materials, rigidity and fluidity. Something like a chastity belt made of silk fringes.

R: Both cruel and funny. I believe it’s a very pleasing mixture.

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Is there any artistic field or author that inspires you mostly?

R. : Araki, Yasuzo Nojima, Guillaume Apollinaire, Balthus, McQueen, Madame Yevonde. More importantly, there’s a common aesthetic idea that goes thorough different enviroments. Every line/collection we’ve created, has a particular name which reveals our source of inspiration: it can be a song, a book, a painting, a film.

M.  No doubts about it: the structure’s definition, lines and settlements are inspired by my architectural studies.

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How many steps are there between the skatches and the objects?

M: The first sketches define the accessory’s character and style. After that, we move to the working drawings, then to the handcrafted achievement of the prototype.


What market you address?

R: Basically,we address to the luxury market, from the most stylish pleasure shop to the most polished boutique.


Maison Dressage just presented the collaboration with EnneEffe (kimono producers) and the ballerinas of Arte e Danza in a performance called The Cage.



The ballerinas danced in textiles cages hanging from the ceiling, combining classic movements, sophisticated kimono and spicy accessories by Maison Dressage in a sensual and elegant dance.



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