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We are Erick Odriozola and Pierre Henrion. Basque and Belgian. 24 years old and 22 years old.
We’re both dancers and for now we live and work in Marseille, France.We began taking pictures as a hobby more or less one year ago. Our first pictures mostly are about us. But after we began looking at others and opening our world.

We then created a website, called Gure Loreak, which is Basque for “our flowers”. There we made some categories. ‘Moments’, ‘People’ and ‘Undressed’. Later on we made one about dance and two albums of two friends of ours. We would like to continue that work and make better and richer photos.


1) Can you tell us how did you started to work with photography?
We were both attracted to photography before, but we only started to take pictures regularly one year ago.
Once we begun, we couldn’t stop and we began taking pictures very often. We travel quite often because of our work, so we’ve got the oppurtunity to photograph very different people and environments.


2) what project are you currently working on?

On the project we never stop working on. The only real project we have for now is, our website. We take pictures of the every day life and as we already mentioned, on our travels. We take pictures of people, most of all, but also “the world”. And we try to take nudes too, but until now we’ve only taken those of ourselves, though we would very much like to with other models.
But, in the end, our current project is, to find our own way as photographers.

3) Do you think it’s important to go to photography school?

Good question, because neither of us have been to one. We’re not professionals, we’re dancers, so we have already a job. But, in time we might think of taking classes to help us how to use a camera better and to do what we’d really want to.

5) Do you think you need a philosophy to create good image?

Everybody has a different philosophy to create. And for everybody a good image is something very different. We don’t have a real philosophy (yet), we only try to create a world we like and that’s what we’re working on. To find that world.


6) where do you get inspiration for new projects?
In different situations, but most of all different people. Some people inspire us very much and they almost never make a picture fail. But our strongest inspiration is the other. Erick to Pierre and vice versa.

7) What equipment do you use?
Not a very good one. Panasonic (Lumix) DMC-FZ28, digital. We would like something better in the future, but for now this one works well enough!


8.) How did you get close to your subjects?
Normally the subjects are already closeby. Mostly they are people that we know. We think that something one already knows, can have many different sides and we like to search for those in the people we know. To find those sides and to be able to take photos of someone you share daily stuff with, is like dressing that person up and making him/her something he/she normally isn’t. Actually, that’s also the case when we photograph one another.
When we take pictures of the unknown it’s more a way of taking the moment, so we don’t really have to get close to it.


9) How is working in a team?

We’ve been doing it since the very beginning, so it definitely works. The vision and taste we have is quite similar, so when you see our photos there’s no difference between those of the one or the other. The result is a homogenic world. We both like the same things, so we end up with photos either one could have made.

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Tatum Shaw


“ STRIPPED …. TO BE FREEDOM….” Style by Irene de Santis

“ STRIPPED …. TO BE FREEDOM….” Style by Irene de Santis


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