Flickr, spotlight on Jenna E. Garrett's "You Won't Live Here Anymore"


Photos & text by Jenna E. Garrett

edited by Victor Anton

You Won’t Live Here Anymore (2011) explores the reality and psychology behind the temporary; the isolation of an inability to belong or possess. Drawing from my own paranoia of choice and consequence, the work is a physical exploration of the uncertainty during the transitional stages of life, the place of ‘not quite’, where nothing has been achieved or can be fully realised. Deciding to exist in a state of flux does not bring release or freedom, but a suspension between what we know we do not want and what we fear we cannot have. We hold our breath; we exist to anticipate an end. It is the place we will be no more.

 This series was shot in the homes of strangers, acquaintances, and friends, all of whom are living in a state of change. Conversations were had about whether settling down is frightening or comforting, and discussions about identity when one belongs nowhere. The project is an ongoing exploration of these issues.

Jenna E. Garrett has worked as both a designer and photographer for the last four years. She most recently graduated from the London College of Communication with an MA in Photography and splits her time between England and the United States.

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