Football: Italy Vs Morocco UNDER 21

We have here some shots of the game and some portraits of the player, as we like not just to speak about actions, but also about emotions, faces, and hard work to be part of one of the best team in the world. Italia U21 – Morocco U21 (4-0) Goals: V.Parigini (25′), P.Cutrone (38′), F.Bonazzoli (65′), L.Vido (94′) Photos by Giacomo Cosua

In Ferrara, a city well known for its castle and the walls around the city, has been choosen to host the friendly game Italy Vs Morocco Under 21. In Italy is going to take place in 2019 the European Championship so every match is a useful test for the team trained by Luigi di Biagio to see in action the “azzurrini”.

Patrick Cutrone

Some of them are well known like Patrick Cutrone and Manuel Locatelli, which are currently playing for A.C. Milan. Italy Under 21 took part of the last European Championship in Poland, and they lost in the semi-final 3-1 agains Spain. Germany at the end won The Euro2016 Championship against Spain.

Federico Bonazzoli

The game in Ferrara was full of emotions with at the end 4 goals scored by Italy. We have been at the stadium Paolo Mazza (Currently hosting the Serie A games of S.P.A.L, promoted last year from Serie B). At the end almost 8.000 people have been at the stadium to see the game and it was a real success, thanks also to the moroccan supporters which even if their team lost 4-0 have been singing and waving their national flags for the whole match. Many supporters from the U21 Moroccan team are immigrants living and working in Italy, working around Ferrara but also Bologna and the other cities around Emilia Romagna and Veneto.

Vittorio Parigini

Speaking about the games it was a great test for Di Biagio after the other friendly match in Bulgaria and the road to the Eurocup in 2019 looks pretty clear: it’s time to win the championship again.

Manuel Locatelli

ITALIA (4-4-2): Audero; Calabria, Romagna, Mancini, Pezzella; Chiesa, Murgia, Locatelli, Parigini; Favilli, Cutrone. Coach: Di Biagio.
MAROCCO (4-4-2): Benabid; Bach, Hammouti, El Kaouaibi, Gaddarine; Cha’er, Kiyine, Mazraoui; Bassi; El Neskri, Hanouri. All. Wotte

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