Morocco always was have been an attractive country for photographers, they always wanted to have a piece of that colorful and exotic society. But one photographer dived in and captured how desperation under religious monarchy really looks and feels like.

We have here some shots of the game and some portraits of the player, as we like not just to speak about actions, but also about emotions, faces, and hard work to be part of one of the best team in the world. Italia U21 - Morocco U21 (4-0) Goals: V.Parigini (25'), P.Cutrone (38'), F.Bonazzoli (65'), L.Vido (94') Photos by ...

A portrait study of Moroccan teenage boys: looking at gender politics and street style in Marrakech, Essaouira, Taghazout & Mirleft. Set against the social and architectural fabric of the cities and beyond.

In the commune of Mibladen, a small Moroccan village 25km from Midelt, the human gaze encounters desolate landscapes and life itself intersects abandonment. Reaching the area that is most often cited as the mineral capital of Morocco, one can hardly guess that behind the rocky wilderness used to lie mineral-rich resources, yet not inexhaustible. The […]

The history of women in Morocco encases the realities daughters of female participation and inclusion in social and economic processes, supported by the young King Mohammed VI policy. Independent since 1956, Morocco has been a land of strong internal changes expressed mainly in so- called “Arabian Springs” of 2011. Although gender equality is still far, […]

At The Doors Of Europe Photos by Maria Contreras Coll Text by Gonçalo Fonseca “It was midday, my sister was cooking in our apartment in Rabat. My mother had taken my sick grandma to the hospital. My father was out, working. I was alone in my room. So I just took my things and left without […]

Photos by Martina Giachi 2013, Morocco. I rented a car at the Fez’s airport, from that moment on, I photographed the heterogeneity of Morocco, I have observed awesome cities such as Marrakech and Fez and lovely and remote places like Merzouga, Fint and Ouarzazate. Morocco is a country full of contradictions and folklore, I found […]