Morroco- Behind the colors

Morocco always was have been an attractive country for photographers, they always wanted to have a piece of that colorful and exotic society. But one photographer dived in and captured how desperation under religious monarchy really looks and feels like.

Morocco is controlled by a stable and liberal regime,
The photographs of the majesty are all over and the king’s palaces are everywhere,
quite often you will hear the combination “the god, the king, the nation”.

Itay arrived in Morocco in order to capture colors and pure exotic beauty.
But somehow, day by day his viewfinder became darker and darker,
By observing the street’s anger, the rage he found himself present into historical tin times.
The question about the king’s power starts to Hatches.
The government aware of that, so they took the remote control
and drastically lowering the volume.

Control. control the main light streams.

At the next project,
you’ll be witness to how society looks like right before the seeds of a real social revolution starts to grow…

We say:
The citizen can’t take it anymore!
He started to look around in 2011, to doubt on his own bubble.

They act:
making him forget that he is the king, he is the government, in reality, the citizen exists, they don’t.
The man can control his own life, but fear is constantly breaking his spirit, limiting his options,
forcing him to stop asking questions. why?

for a while, he Immersed in the Moroccan melting pot,
he understood how fear can separate us from the potential.

But can this monolog survive in our globalization\ social media times?

The world has changed, the young generation has moved,
they want more!
He felt their pain.

Over here you are evident to see how society in a mental and educational crisis feels like.
me and you, WE are just bystanders.
“Change will come” it’s more than just a slogan,
it is a social demand to move to “The god, the Nation, the People”.

About the author:
Itay Peleg was born in 1990 in Tel Aviv, now he works and lives as a photographer in Porto
This project is about to be his first book publication.

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