This year’s edition of Street Photo Milano is going to be special: for the first time in Western Europe the photographic archive of Evgeny and Yakov Henkin will be put together in an exhibition: Evgeny and Yakov Henkin: from darkness to light. A new-found treasure.

©Vincent Morla

The archive puts together photos from Russia to Germany in the Twenties. The pictures have been found in 2010, portraiting life between wars in these two countries. These photographs can be considered street photography at its beginning. The brothers shot with a Leica but never developed the films, until 2010 when they have been found and collected by the Association Henkin Brothers Archive – HBAA in Losanne. The photos show how life was during the 20s in Berlin and Leningrad, the gestures, the smiles, the eyes, the style. Daily life before politics changed the course of events; on one side Stalin, on the other Hitler. Both leading to the death of the photographers. The little selection of photos presented in Milan has been developed by Photofuture of Cagliari on Canson paper.


[quote_box name=””]The enchanting magic of photography is here highlighted to confirm the value of human life and the authenticity of the historical moment: they are images that preserve ourselves and our memory. Gueorgui Pinkhassov[/quote_box]

Street Photo Milano will take place from the 16th to the 19th of May at BASE Milano with the support of the main sponsor Leica. Like every year, the festival’s purpose is to encourage interactions between experienced photographers and up-and-comers; between critics, amateurs and collectives. Photography is a medium through which one can seethe world’s changes and this festival helps put together an interesting, dense programme with talks, workshops, exhibitions, contests. These contests are promoted with the collaboration of also Miami Street Photography Festival and give the opportunity to exhibit in Milan in May and in December in The fiMiami during the American festival. The first contest is Italy Photo Series: it’s dedicated to photographs shot in Italy, showing daily routines through a series of 3 to 6 photographs. Emerging Photographer Exhibition Contest is dedicated to all up-and-coming photographers around the world, giving them the chance to have their one personal exhibition.

Self-Portrait with a Leica camera, Evgeny Henkin, Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), USSR/Russia, c. 1936-37. © Henkin Brothers Archive Association (HBAA)

This year’s edition is going to be a rich one with more than 250 photographs in 7 exhibitions: Jacob Aue Sobol, Matt Stuart, Fulvio Bugani, Observe Collective, Finalists Miami Street Photography Festival 2018, Finalists
Street Photo Milano 2019 e Evgeny e Yakov Henkin: from darkness to light. A new-found treasure. The guests will be Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Jacob Aue Sobol, Matt Stuart, Fulvio Bugani, Eolo Perfido, Camilla Ferrari, Chris Suspect, Emilio Barillaro, Fadi Boukaram, Marco Casino, Andrew Kochanovski, Michael May, Andrea Pontini, Eléonore Simon, Olga Walther with the contribution of the collectives Eyegobananas and Observe. Besides the two contests, there will also be the Portfolio Review, Night Walk, Street Battle and Photo Slam.

©Karen Zusman
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