Forever Young

Edited by Angel Leung – Fashion Editor UK

Photographer: Nicolas Padron

Stylist: Raul Guerrero

Designer: Raun Larose

Hair: Dakota Heman

“For this collection, I was inspired by my childhood. I retracted the steps of my youth in search of things that were the most memorable. Backpacks, comic books, and thoughtful pairing in sport attire. As a menswear designer I strive to expand the concept of contemporary mens fashion through innovation. To challenge myself and explore new techniques, giving fruition to one of my key looks -The backpack woven hybrid. The end result is a collection that is sporty with a dressy undertone.”  – Ruan Larose

This collection reminds me of a young school boy heading to school for the very first day. With the key look of this collection – the blue backpack woven hybrid just gave an edge to the school boy look as the colour is just completely eye catching and yet still remaining the effect of the youth.

The brown outfit (Look 2) is also amazing, you would thought it would just be like a normal outfit at first, but wait until you see the profile of it, the backpack that attacked to the shirt is utterly the ‘WOW’ factor and who would ever thought brown would go with the super eye catching blue, surely in this look, IT DOES! Look 1 is definitely the “old school uniform” look.  A pull-over with the blue shirt, totally simple and smart as well as Look 4 is the classic black suite look and just has the effect of simply elegant but with a bit of a fashion twist on the back.

Stripy jumper with short and white sock (Look 6) doesn’t it remind you when you were little that was the way you used to be dressed?

Come to the end of the collection, the youth school boy look just become the main reason of this collection in my own opinion which is absolutely memorable and adorable.

In addition Raun was named by Vogue as fashion’s future in the category of menswear (Vogue Italia Sepetember issue)

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