“Elegance with a touch of subtle and sophisticated eroticism”, thus is presented Francesco Scognamiglio’s spring summer 2012 collection and thus become clear to the eyes of the audience itself how much study lays under these creations.

Francesco Scognamiglio Spring/Summer 2012
edited by: Matteo Menotto

These creations show a great study for details and the preciousity of the elements involved, but also a clever attention to understand the historical roots and references of forms and decorations that are here strongly brought into present fashion.
The clear reminding is admittedly to a branch of Italian baroque, drawn from pureness and forms of Roman architect Bernini and his masterpiece Apollo and Daphne revisited in a modern twist. The recovering of traditional codes becomes modern in an extraordinary use of lace, where decorations and transparencies are combined in a continuous game of volumes dominated by ruffles applied onto jackets and shirts. The color palette variates from ice-white to black including peach and mint accents to freshen up the whole atmosphere. Accessories give opulence and luxury to the whole look, from the extraordinary baroque-hills to the shining jewellery. A woman extremely fascinating but indeed very hard to catch; able to inspire the highest dreams of desire in the illusion of love, as represented in Bernini’s Daphne.

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Piazza Sempione

Piazza Sempione


Streets by Nico Chiapperini

Streets by Nico Chiapperini


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