GGF and Biennale College renew their collaboration.

The Golden Globe Foundation renews its residency for directors through Biennale College – Cinema, offering mentorship and networking opportunities in Hollywood with Film Independent’s support.

The Golden Globe Foundation (GGF) has recently announced the renewal of its residency program for directors affiliated with Biennale College – Cinema, in collaboration with Film Independent. The primary objective of this program is to facilitate the professional growth of emerging filmmakers through a three-week residency in Los Angeles. Earl Gibson, the President of the Golden Globe Foundation, expressed enthusiasm for the renewed collaboration with the Venice Biennale International Film Festival and Film Independent, emphasizing the goal of providing young filmmakers with a valuable experience and opportunities to engage with established directors.

The upcoming residency in February 2024 will host three directors from Hungary, Italy, and Mexico, all associated with Biennale College – Cinema. In a broader international perspective, three accomplished female directors from India, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, selected by Redsea Labs and Film Independent, will also join the program. During their stay in Hollywood, each pair of directors will be paired with mentors, established filmmakers who will assist them in refining their skills. The directors will have the chance to showcase their work, participate in screenings, and attend educational events organized by Film Independent. The residency will culminate with an invitation for the participants to attend the prestigious Film Independent Spirit Awards on February 25, 2024.

The comprehensive residency activities include an orientation for directors, outlining the program, goals, partners, and mentors. Additionally, there will be a rich program of masterclasses, workshops, and writing and directing sessions tailored to the directors’ experience levels. This renewal of the GGF Residency Program, formerly supported by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, signifies the Foundation’s commitment to actively mentor emerging directors through a personalized program developed in collaboration with Film Independent.

The Golden Globe Foundation, established in 2023 following the sale of the Golden Globes to Eldridge Globi, LLC, uses the proceeds and resources to continue a longstanding tradition of entertainment-related charitable donations. The Foundation, along with its predecessor, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, has a history of supporting various nonprofit organizations, including those assisting universities, disadvantaged communities, film restoration projects in the U.S. and abroad, and aid programs for journalists worldwide.

Film Independent, with over 40 years of experience, has been a stalwart in supporting directors in realizing and presenting their projects. As a nonprofit organization, Film Independent aims to uphold creative independence in visual storytelling and foster a culture of inclusion within a global community of artists and audiences embodying diversity, innovation, curiosity, and unique visions. The organization not only produces the renowned Film Independent Spirit Awards but also supports creative professionals through diverse programs, scholarships, and artist development labs.

Noteworthy initiatives like Project Involve focus on promoting the careers of talented directors from underrepresented communities. Film Independent’s educational events and workshops cater to directors of all ages and experience levels, providing them with valuable tools and resources. The Global Media Makers program, in partnership with the U.S. Department of State, offers international cinema professionals career-building opportunities, while Film Independent Presents delivers a year-round program of unique cinematic experiences, including screenings, conversations, live readings, and musical events. This collaborative effort between the Golden Globe Foundation and Film Independent underscores their commitment to fostering connections between Hollywood and the global film community, with a focus on nurturing the next generation of filmmakers.

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