A pan with fish, a flower bouquet, a key hanging on a nail: pictures of everyday life showing around a religious celebration in the jewish Bratslav community of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Dudy Dayan (37), is a  photographer, and he lives and works in Tel-Aviv and London. Dayan Graduated from Minshar, art school, Tel-Aviv.
In the past year Dayan produced three series of photographic work which differ greatly in theme and scope. Shown together, as will happen later this year at a London gallery, the combination of this three disparate work groups, will certainly have a strong impact. It will be Dayan’s third solo exhibition in London.

Dayan is on a journey after Spirit. Finding it in the most familiar as well as the most unlikely places, his research produced intimate and disturbing pictures from worlds apart.
Together they give a strong sense of Dayan’s own conflicted personal world as an art and fashion photographer living at the fringes of orthodox Judaism.

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