I Cannot Know Your Name. Nor Can You Know Mine.

Edited by: Enrico Mancini

Where: San Francisco

Architecture: Lebbeus Woods



Lebbeus Woods is often categorized as an architect, but always as an artist and visionary.  His career has been filled with imaginative leaps through the concepts of space and form, exploring politics, society, ethics and the human condition.  He was a great influence on architects, designers, filmmakers, writers and artists.





SFMoMA will highlight the legacy of Lebbeus Woods in an exhibition that will run from February 16 through June 2, 2013.  It will include 75 works from the past 35 years of his career.




The exhibition will celebrate his untimely death late last year and the breadth of influence that his work had on the art and design community.

Lebbeus Woods, Architect will highlight the dominant themes of Woods’ work with an emphasis on the timelessness of his ideas and expression.  His work ventured to express architecture as having the potential to transform and free humanity from social constraints.  His drawings are psychologically unbound, wholly experimental and question the concepts that eventually transform into built work.




All of Woods’ explorations are grounded in the physical world and take examples from those events.  In particular, Woods’ addressed the problems of war ravaged cities like Zagreb and Sarajevo.  His drawings elicit experimental solutions to dealing with the world’s disruptive forces, whether they are man-made or natural.











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