In Milan with Sergio Cazzaniga

In Milan with Sergio Cazzaniga, model at Elite Models
Thanks to Maria Ianniello

Photos by Giacomo Cosua

How did you become a model?

It happened more than once that when I was out walking, scout or agents would ask me if i was interested in being a model. After 4 times this happened during a holiday in Sardinia, I decided that i had to think about it. I went to the Elite Model Agency in Milan, that is still my agency today.


What does fashion mean for you?
Fashion for me is an important word, that is not representing just a job, but also one of my passions. Since i was 14 i started to dress nice clothes designed by the big fashion brands and i started to go to shopping to find new and interesting things to wear.


Was it hard when you started?
It was never easy, you have to work on every little step. Depression and insecurity are elements that are always around, but you have to try to be strong and learn to overcome them.


Which city among the fashion capitals do you like more?
Without any doubt, New York City

You live in Monza, not far from Milan. How would you describe Milan?
Even if Milan is not as beautiful on an aesthetic level, in comparison with the other fashion capital cities in Europe and overseas, it’s always able to communicate something deep and important, and is connected with history. Milan is the city that represents the history of fashion, Montenapoleone Street is a unique representation of ‘Made in Italy’.

Wich are your favourite places in Milan? Do you have a favourite club?
I’m not often in Milan, I’m an easy guy and I’m not a big fan of clubs. I prefer to stay with my girlfriend and my friends. Anyway in Milan I used to go to nice restaurants often, as some of them are pretty fashionable and satisfy my sense of aesthetics.

I love working in places that are like the D&G office. That is the brand I’ve first worked with. They always remind me of the feelings I felt when I started to be around this world.


Do you have a place to suggest to our readers in Milan?
For sure the centre of the city, walking from San Babila, crossing Montenapoleone street and obviously the Duomo.
I also really like the Armani Nobu and the Armani Privé, pretty nice places to go and have fun with style.


If you have to choose, where do you want to live?
If I have to think about the cities I’ve visited, I would say for sure New York City. I’m pretty sure I’ll love California too, even if I have never been there, it represents the perfect situation for me.


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