Inquiring Inner looks

Inner looks
Shantanu Majumder was born in a remotest town from capital, Dhaka. But, he transformed in metropolitan city named, Dhaka. From early-youth his education ability, fulfillment of a heart’s desire, divine wisdom gradually improved.
Written by: Raju Ahmed 

Our observation from his photograph holds surrounded hard realism. In addition, these photograph always show one kind of cruelty of existence, life friction, breaking living thoughts and mind burden. Human being, state of being decayed dead man, bluffer, ineligible, regardless of customary, helpless, inferior, evil-doer, some another kind hypocrite, all wicked person, finally makes a ruined biography. This passing of life is visible in Shantanu’s photographs. These photographs’ vital part is just a discolored summary; discloser of a thorny secret.

Yet, humans want to deliver from hindrance and contrariety. Man dreaming a dream. His claim of safety of life; full-blown wish; cancelled emptiness. With the high hope, Shantanu’s photographs charmed direct and indirect vision satisfaction.

In fact, our mind’s eye collect from these photographs in serial order from the beginning genuine reality, external world, post-realism, present magic realism is shining.

About the author of the photos: 

Shantanu Majumder was born 1984. He is a freelance photographer in Bangladesh. At first, he studied in graphic design from Dhaka University but he finally picked up photography for his own voice. He joined in a mentoring program under guidance of Saiful Huq Omi at Counter Foto. Later he obtained professional diploma course in photography from the same institute. When he was a student in Counter Foto, he participated masterclass workshops of Pieter Ten Hoopen, Asim Rafiqui, Giulio Di Sturco. Now he is working on his own autonomous photographic projects.

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