Inner Stations- Haifa

Photos and text by: Yaniv Waissa
Haifa, Israel

Yaniv Waissa_Untitled 1, Haifa 2006

I deal with a collective- cultural memory, which I embrace for my personal needs. I go on a journey back in time, to the districts of the memory, districts that contain no comfort. Views, places and objects filled with echoes from the past; a past that is a present that lives and revives the memories, the collective traumas and my personal emotions.

My photographic journeys lead me to the connection between the city and the nature. I check the surface, shreds of reality. I examine myself, the nation I’m part of, humanity, nature, the power balances between them. The constant tension between the past and the future. Between man and nature.

I’m interested in taking the viewer into those districts, to stimulate the viewer to feel and to interpret this reality according to his own personal charges. The viewer is invited to take part in a journey to districts of the memory; a present that is still a past; a shattered reality.

Yaniv Waissa_Untitled 2, Haifa 2006

Yaniv Waissa_Untitled 3, Haifa 2006

Yaniv Waissa_Untitled 4, Haifa 2006

Yaniv Waissa_Untitled 5, Haifa 2006

Yaniv Waissa_Untitled 6, Haifa  2006

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