Interview with….Lionel Giroud Garampon

Edited By Angel Leung- Fashion Editor from UK

Lionel is  originating from Grenoble, moved to Paris at the age of 18 to study fashion in Duperre School of Applied art for four years. At the same time, he has been doing a few internships, in particular at Michel Harcourt’s and in some of the Paris Haute Couture houses such as Lanvin and Hermes, which has enabled Lionel to have an early, enough and a global vision of fashion industry and a more practical idea of the job of a fashion designer. Today, Lionel is 23 and would like to continue working for the menswear although he is also interested in creating women’s clothing.

Where do you live and work now?

I live and work in Paris. Recently,I worked for the menswear studio at Mugler’s.

What interest you the most about your work and fashion in general?

I am more interested in the luxury ready-to-wear clothing. I attended to the men and women’s fashion shows but I think I ‘m more inspired by the male universe. I’ m specially keen on basic items and more classical pieces, without following the fashion trends. Let’s say, I appreciate the idea of being faithful to  a style which suits me. What i like is the proximity of the male and female wardrobes, without trending to lapse into fancy dress. I like the idea of finding garments which haven’t got a men’s or women’s style, as a sort of neutrality in the garment. I’m also attached to the quality of the objects, its manufacturing, its authenticity, if not, you can’t expect to get luxury goods.

Which one do you enjoy the most being – stylist or fashion designer and who you admire the most?

Well, I’d like to be a fashion designer but i find the process of creating a garment from the design to the achievement really interesting. I’ve been admiring Raf Simon’s work for three seasons. I like his sobriety, his clean lines, the exactness of his volumes as well as the surprising fabrics he uses.  Classical garments which have been revisited in a very trendy style but still wearable. Hedi Slimane is also a major role model for me because he has brought another look on the male figure and his vision as a fashion photographer has impressed me a lot.

When you design a collection, what is important for and to you?

When you draw a collection, what’s important is the taste you’ve got, searching, creativity, innovating, modernity, the faithfulness to a style, a position, an attitude, a state of mind and the meaning which comes from it ; that is to say what you’ re going to express, what you’ re going to tell through the garment. The aim being to remain always faithful to yourself. It’s a question for me to tell a story through a collection. I remember Sonia Rykiel who said  “It’ another chapter of the same book.” Very often, there;s a theme, or at least a main thread which is part of my world ; the idea of the doublt, the incompletion, the dividing line between male and female…..
Speaking more precisely about garments, I like graphic, clean, sober figures and simplicity, which contrary to what you could believe is not simple, but just more subtle. What fascinates me is looking for materials and details which make the difference .

Where do you get your inspiration from?
My inspiration? Music, paintings, films, literature, some meetings, all this in a general way and at the same time in particular because you remember only what you are particularly interested in. Then it’s a question of making it your own, digesting it, creating another thing with it.

what does the fashion world mean to you?
In my eyes, fashion is a land of meetings where universes and opinions wither join or confront. Getting dressed is a way of communicating of your ideas, your desires, your likes, your interests and your lifestyle. It’s really is a silent dialogue. I think the one can also regard the fashion world as a theater stage where you choose to play such or such a part…..

What is your own fashion sense (i.e what is your day time look…… ) 

I’m quite classical in my style, often wearing a black pair of jeans, a shirt and a tee-shirt. A little addicted to jackets and trench-coats. I nearly always wear black… a little white, grey or night blue. I’m more daring for accessories but i remaining sober.

Thank you for your time Lionel.
your welcome and Thank you for the interview, it was my pleasure !

Credits :
Photographer – AUDREY LE NOAN  / BLONDIE

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