A new interview on Positive Magazine, this time we have been in Germany and we met md. She was born and grown up in a little village near by Münster, Germany.

She studied architecture in Coburg. Her native place she has found in the Allgäu, mountainous region in the south of Germany. There she’s employed in an architecture office. As a child she strayed around the countryside. Now she is looking for her own pictures every day. In the landscape of the Allgäu and the alps she finds her peace of mind.

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When did you start to think about photography?
I photograph since I have been a teenager. For the last 13 years I follow photography in the web. In 2011 I began to publish on flickr. It me took a long time till I overcome with my inhibitions to bring my photos to public.

What does photography mean to you? and which kind of photography do you like more?
I want to catch the moment and express my emotions. The pictures are more than a diary for me. Otherwise I can share my experiences and the wonderful world around me. There is so much to discover, to see and to find.
I like many themes: structures, architecture, abstracts, minimals, landscapes, portraits and everyday occurence. I’m interested in forms, movement, light and shadow, experiments and I have a passion for the darkness. With B&W pictures I can easer realise my ideas. I don’t want to commit myself to any theme. Trivial high technically and brilliant photography is not really interesting for me, although I acknowledge the performance of the others. For me, good photography deals a lot with gut instincts and intuition.

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When you take a portrait, what is important for you?
Portraits I realise rather rare. When I take a portrait I normally try to captue the person’s naturalness. But I’m always interested in  experiments.

Do you think it’s important to follow a school to learn how to shoot?
I believe that this is not absolute necessary. You have to practice really a lot and you have to be engaged with other photographers and their work. There are so many wonderful arstists around. I refer to my favorites on flickr. There and in other arts I get my inspiration. The rest and the personal expression develops with experience. Sporting goals can only be achieved by a lot of training, it is the same with photography.

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What’s the photo you want to take and you never did?
I have seen a lot of places and devised many pictures in these. Even if I eventually never realise them, they are however concrete for me, my personal inner treasure. The future will show how many I can translate into real.

What’s your photo-mission?
I’m always on voyage in my mind and I want to share the world around me and my point of view. There is so much to discover, the beauty of all things, even ugly or ordinary.

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