Portfolio Review: interview with… Charlotte Boeyden


edited by Andrea Brena

photos by Charlotte Boeyden  http://www.charlotteboeyden.be


Charlotte Boeyden, is a young multidisciplinary artist with a talent and passion in photography. Through her pictures all the words she keeps inside, just for herself seem to be spread out telling something about her sensitivity and feeling for light, space and people.
Through her website you will get a taste of what I mean. A shy personality that is able to open up to the world using photography as a media.

Can you tell us a bit of you and your personality?
I guess I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer, living partially inside my own head. Through photography I can release some things from my head and make them tangible.

Can you tell us a bit of your background studies and how much these influenced your photography work?
I first became fascinated by light and it’s influence on people during my interior architecture studies. It was clear to me that light is the most important thing to make a building work. It was with this fascination that I first started taking photos. I wanted to do more than just designing space, so I decided to go to the Design Academy. This is where I developed a certain sensibility for color, form and composition. I firmly believe that every step in your life will have it’s influence on where you end up, so without both these studies I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing now.

How much does your personality reflects the atmospheres in your pictures , or is it the other way around?
I like to think of my photographs as moments. I capture them as they pass me by, but most of all they are real. The mood or atmosphere in the photo is that of the moment. I can and will not force a certain mood upon a photo. My photos made me realize I’m a melancholic person.
My goal, if I can call it that, is to make people feel the shots. The photos have to make you feel something, it doesn’t really matter what that is.

People and nature, people and their living environment, people during delicate actions and habit. What’s your aim, what value have your models for you.
How do you choose your models and the context in which they are photographed?
The models I use need to have a sense of reality. They have to be real, in their emotions, in their flair. I want to see the rawness of their beauty, their purity. The setting usually comes as a sort of coincidence. I like to meet up with my model somewhere, walk around, discover places, talk a bit, take some shots. Things just happen, nothing is planned.

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