Katarzyna and Marcin Owczarek

New series titled “My Heart Is  An Animal” by Katarzyna and Marcin Owczarek brings elaborate compositions combining human and animal elements.
Sea Wof 2017

They employ animal characters in human settings, often in a social and spiritual context, because each creature brings to life beautiful and original symbolism and emotional values. We are all connected, people, animals, nature…as a one living organism. In every human being there is a piece of animal instincts and in every animal there is a piece of human being: soul, feelings, emotions, fragility.

The Game 2017


Animals show human emotions. Their observations reveal beauty, sometimes it is found in the unconventional way. For this reason their whole work deals with the relationship between Man and Nature, in particular with animals. Artworks are both planned and subconscious. Sometimes it is deliberate observation, sometimes just like a dream half remembered. Strange encounters at the edge of perception. They create imaginary landscapes and invite the viewer to immerse themselves into a world of dreams and mystery, to see the reality in diverse ways.

Poker Game 2017

Their work is expressed in a surreal language, because they want to clash the rationality and irrationality to find deeper meanings of life. Everything people see or do can be seen in both positive and negative way. Not everything we see is what it really is. By creating poetic and philosophical works , Katarzyna and Marcin want the viewers to interpret their work according to their own life experiences.

The Dreamer 2017

The symbolism of their creation can be interpreted on many different levels, they tell a story about best and worst aspects of human existence. There is always many stories behind each of their work. You can explore as many stories as human and spiritual eye might perceive. It depends on the viewers particular own life experiences. By creating surreal images filled with hidden meaning, they want to show evolution and transition of human’s inner reality.

I Heard Your Call 2018

Katarzyna and Marcin offer insight into the world of dreams, symbols, metaphors, allegories, legends and myths. The unique atmosphere, strange, conceptual scenes of hybridizing human and animal bodies, combining elements, portray and deeply touch human condition. Their work attempts to provide strong impact: visually, mentally and emotionally. They  want their work to speak for itself and for people to interpret it in their own way. Their  intention is to explore the infinite possibilities of human imagination, in search of a connection between reality and beyond.


Potato Lovers 2017

About the author:

Marriage with strong passion for photography. They live and work in Belgium. They started working together in 2016. Katarzyna Owczarek born in April 1983 – fashion/product designer and fine art photographer. She received her Master of Art degree at  Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland. Marcin Owczarek born in October 1985. At the age of twenty, he began studying photography at The College of Photography in Wroclaw, graduating with an honorable mention for his cycle Brave New World, which presented an idiosyncratic version of a future world. His art has also been influenced by his studies in cultural anthropology. 

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