US when there is nothing to do – Luca Arena

US when there is nothing to do is the photographic project of Luca Arena. It’s a process of discovery, an act of representation.

Luca Arena takes a long walk in New York and with his photography he points out details that otherwise would get lost in the never-stopping swarm.

8.5 million inhabitants, a scorching heat in the streets, these are burning years. Where did New Yorkers go? Some took refuge in offices, others in shops and homes wrapped in air conditioning – everything is framed with a mixture of emptiness and boredom. Where did the real boys who lived on the street end up?

With the right commitment it is possible to distinguish New Yorkers from tourists, but above all to represent the city, its places and hidden neighborhoods, so as to be able to perceive the energy of cement.Arena

In two weeks in the city he photographed loners, isolated from the crowd, trying to keep a distance from each other in order to never be close.


We try to get closer to the ground, to the clay fields and the well-kept green parks while the skyscrapers grow and touch the sky. From the windows of the attics they scan the horizon, from the sidewalk they look upwards and never meet.

Luca Arena (1988) was born on the first day of Spring at 9:30. He is color-blind since he was 30 years and every day he tries to get over it. He studied economics and marketing at the University of Pisa, and during his free time he travels and takes photographic reports.
Very attached to the theme of colors and their perception in the environment, he loves to photograph buildings and windows, focusing on the lines and on the geometries.
IG: @liuk_arena

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