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Stas Ponyatovski, 22 years old from Russia- Siberia Region, Krasnoyarsk City.

He’s an architecture student actually working on his diploma.
He started to work on photography since 2007, and between 2008 and 2009 he worked on “365 days Self Portrait”.

He said about his last works:
“i’m working on photo project “Table discovery” and “Persons and home”.
I take pictures its life, friends, belongings, people me surrounding, streets and city, landscape
and in the same way concern lomography.

Kronshtadt portrait fisheye

Bread shop Krasnoyarsk Russia Cosina CT-3

Friend portrait Zenit E

Friends pair FED5v ilford pan100

Selfportrait on toilet mirror Cosina CT-3

Trash dacha interior

Day 253 7.07.09

Day 279 02.08.09

Day 309 1.09.09

Day 341 3.10.09

Day 356 18.10.09

Day 361 23.10.09

Day 364 26.10.09

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