Sean Scheidt

An advocate of light heartedness and upbeat shoots, Scheidt’s work transforms a good working ethic into atmospheric and well devised shots.

Edited by Max Hailwood, fashion editor UK for POSI+TIVE Magazine

A native of Baltimore, Scheidt was enrolled in Patapsco Centre for the Arts, a high school devoted to visual arts.  He began as a painter and eventually started to incorporate photographic elements into his work.  By college this was almost entirely his preferred method of working. Now graduated, this photographer is a regular in Baltimore galleries.

A freelancer since Autumn 2007, Scheidt has been featured in both local and national publications and continues to be sought after. Shooting both clothing and products this multi-faceted photographer keeps his studios full and his clients happy.

The aesthetic style of Scheidt is fun, energetic and organic, making the finished product or image look as if it has been captured effortlessly when any one of us will know it never is. A simple mix of clean backgrounds and interesting shapes keeps the form of the images classic but as is need be every photograph seems unique and something more, almost stamped into the form of a template. These are the images others should be emulating if they want to develop their own style. Doesn’t everyone needs a starting block?

This isn’t to say that Scheidt’s work is dull or standard, just that for such a young photographer, he has managed to grasp the effortless chic of fashion photography and is applying it and its variants onto everything he does.

When asked on his motivation for his career and passion Scheidt modestly and truthfully tells us ‘Meeting new people, exploring new ideas and painting with light, this is why I photograph.’ Any other comment needed. I think we can all agree no.

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