First Thoughts: London Fashion Week S/S 12

By Annie Markitanis

The catwalk shows kicked off yesterday at 9am in our ever-kicking London.

The buzz was huge and I can definitely say this week will undoubtedly be THE week of excitement and a lot of dashing from venue to venue.

The capitals, as well as the international ‘ fashionistas’ are ready for unflappable glamour and creativity. One of the most exquisite things that characterises fashion week is that you never quite know what’s coming next

To put it simply and explain the Fashion Week process, you get all dressed up, walk into the show area (of course after waiting at the queue for a while) and you may leave it with a mixture of feelings, such as: ‘it wasn’t worth the trouble’ or ‘it left me totally indifferent’ or ‘I loved it’.


Different people mean different personalities and thus different opinions and reactions are all part of the game. The flawless, intact and well thought of appearance for each one of these individuals is what unites them.


Yesterday at the opening of Spring Summer Fashion week 2012, I spent quite some time people watching.

This is my diary entry for yesterday:

I arrived at Somerset House around 9:30am and up until 4pm I devoted my eyes into devouring and ingesting as many details from the crowd around me.


The mood was Hollywood-like. All sorts of people, from different cultures made their presence and left their stigma in their own personal way. Some of them through their peculiarities, others through their constant self-aware involvement i.e. ‘shall I have my legs crossed when the photographer takes my picture?’ or ‘is my lipstick ok?’, others enjoyed their coffee and cigarette under the soothing sun.

Non-stop chattering, smiles, some fake and others genuine, competitive female glares and a cocktail mixture of perfumes. There was no way you could check the people out and stay in your head for longer than five minutes. The overflowing enthusiasm, glamorous fast pace of things changing, passionate fashion personalities and constant mumbling, made sure that even the most anti conformist individual was well involved in the special happening.

All that is required is to simply Dive in and enjoy. This is London Fashion week people so…let’s get rolling!

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