Introducing: St. Sébastien Couture
Designed by: Sebastian Dahlmans
Edited by: Matteo Menotto

Sebastian wears stockings and some powder over his face recalls the Versailles’ court, while his hair seems to be combed by le Roi Soleil’s coiffeur. But he’s not eccentric or extravagant in his will to impress: this guy simply wears and shows first on himself the idea of elegance he belongs too.
Sebastian Dahlmans is young but with clear ideas: “I do not think I came to fashion in some way, I think fashion came to me. Ever since I was a kid I knew I want to do something creative when I am a grown up. First I started disassembling my grand mother´s old jewellery and rebuild it again. So for some time I had the aim to become a goldsmith. Later on I switched to fashion.”
Original from a small village close to the Netherlands, he subsequently moved to Berlin to study.

His graduations collection for his label St. Sébastien Couture, awarded with textil+mode Innovationspreis 2010, was inspired by the Russian imperial family Romanow and was supposed to be their last big entry. “I like to remind the people of glorious old times, where style and etiquette still had a relevance…In addition, transferring past ages, like the renaissance, the baroque or the rococo, into the modernity of our time is something that inspires me. Furthermore I think I flourish in historical topics”, he adds.

Aware of the fact that his couture is quite unusual for Germany, the designer aims at bringing that kind of Parisian flair onto the streets of Berlin.
“Within my clothes, women should feel special and unique. They should be aware of the fact, that they are wearing a gorgeous duchess silk dress or a pure cashmere coat. My customers appreciate the high quality of the fabrics I use and of the workmanship I offer.”
The world described around these creations recalls the idea of exclusivity and luxury.
Currently Sebastian is practising in New York, willing to learn and gain as much experience he needs to develop his line.

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