Antony Morato preview SS15

Text: Maria Nitulescu, editor in Berlin
Photos: Petra Fantozzi, staff photographer in Berlin

Antony Morato is a young, fast growing, and very stylish Italian menswear label, created in 2007 by by muti- talented Lello Caldarelli, who is still nowadays the art director and chairman of the brand.

Their concept is to be a „smart brand”, creating fashionable luxury clothes, combining different styles inspired by men’s daily life, and offering an unbeatable price. Antony Morato aims to dress a man for every moment of the day and for every occasion, giving self identity to the customer who can choose from a wide-range of  items, not less than  900 every season.

Since 2007, when the brand was present only in Italy, Antony Morato has managed to gain the consumers´ trust and loyality worldwide, selling out in 60 mono-brand stores and over 3200 multi-brand stores worldwide.

Antony Morato’s  collections are a reaction to the highly fashion-conscious  and versatile men’s needs, and succeeded in combining three main elements: quality,  style and value pricing. I had the pleasure to meet the young and effervescent Antony Morato’s team at Bread&Butter  in Berlin,  and learn more about their new campaign „Places”.

The campaign features three young male portraits from three different European cities: Naples, Barcelona and London.
They are the  Morato men, always ready to leave , to dare, to be curious and free to reinvent themselves wherever they choose to live.
“We wanted to describe three cities that influence everyone’s own imagery and present  it  as I perceive them when I travel pursuing  inspiration and ideas” says Lello Caldarelli, chairman and creative director of the brand.

The campaign was carried away with passion together with the photographer Toni Thorimbert, and directed by Brando De Sica. It started as photo reportage and became a short film „Places” that  is planned to be presented in an exhibition in September.

Check out some snap from the next SS15 collection.








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