La Plata by Ivana Milomes

Ivana Milomes

The city where I live, La Plata, it may seems like any other city you’ve visited, but it’s not. It is a city that they streets turn warm orange when night comes, and It has the most interesting school: The bachillerato de Bellas Artes, it is really unic.
La Plata it’s a city full of art.

There is a place that I love going, when I go to the bus stop. named Pasaje Dardo Rocha, Many times in the corner of the Pasaje are some bands playing music. Inside it is a very quite place, with a lot of expositions of many type.

Honestly, i cannot picture myself living in another city. La Plata may no to be big, or well known as other cities. But for me it has everithing for be connected with the art, which it is very important to me.

These are photos in the city, rather than the city. I decided to take pictures that show how is the daily life of La Plata .

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